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My Mom and I were feeling daunted by the college application process and were glad to get referred to Eric for help.
I immediately got a really good feeling from Eric. He was well informed, but more importantly he was good at understanding my needs and making me feel seen. He related to me like a “peer coach” rather than a “teacher/parent” which felt great. He is so easy for me to talk to, because he is approachable and cool in an Ira Glass (from This American Life) sort of way. I especially appreciated his ability to understand what schools would fit my needs, in personality, affordability and my ability to be accepted.
Eric helped me navigate the confusing science of balancing “reach schools,” “easy schools,” affordable schools, and “I really need a scholarship” schools. He was realistic about the amount of work I would have to put into essays, tests, and grades to get into certain schools, but never admonished me if I did not meet those standards, making it easier for me to not be overly harsh to myself.
His help on essays was especially useful when I was struggling to encapsulate myself in 500 words. The prompts that they give can be somewhat vague, and I really valued having someone like Eric to lead me in the right direction. He also stressed that, other than obvious typos, he would never type a single word for me. I was glad for this ethic, which many students and parents do not seem to have. I would never have ended up where I am now without Eric’s help.
From her mom, Susan: As a working single mother, I didn’t have the bandwidth to figure out the new path to college by myself. Eric helped me understand the process, a process that required quite a lot from both my daughter and me. Every time I got confused about any aspect — the next steps, deadlines, costs, strategies, forms – I called Eric and he walked us through it. He was always available, no question too trivial.
In addition to helping us figure out all of Hannah’s tasks for admission, he walked me through the financial side, explaining the elements of financial aid, loans and grants.
Hannah is now going to a college that fits her original dream, with a financial aid package that makes it affordable for our family, who have limited resources.
Eric’s services are worth every penny.
— Hannah Pardee